Walking from Home to Home

"Family is the strongest and first relationship we have. Whether for good or bad it molds us into the beings we become (growing up is so overrated that I'd prefer not going there...). Why "Beings"? Because I'm not all that sure every humanoid on this planet is "human". The word Human implies something. Self knowledge for one thing as well as the wisdom to know that we share this world with each other and with other species and to share this world we need to play nicely. It's pretty apparent not all "humans" have caught onto this idea. And family is where it all starts, the road to becoming human or the road away.

This family, whether 2 legged or 4, is so very fortunate. It's nurturing, loving, a safe haven and a place to be yourself. Where liking is recognized as something different than loving and we all like, as well as love, each other. Where respect is the norm.
Mind you that does not mean it's Little House on the Prairie here or the Brady bunch or the Waltons. There is and will be yelling, crying, some fist pounding (on non living matter), throwing of things and general mayhem. That's part of being a family. The permission to go off crazy for a bit and/or to get mad once in awhile. It's part of learning and living. But in the end, we are together, we are few but we are strong, because we are family.

"We are ka-tet. We are one from many" Stephen King, The Dark Tower