Echo Bear

Echo was found taped inside of a box outside of a grocery store. A friend took her, despite the fact that his wife was allergic to cats, she agreed that to leave her there was heartless. He and his children were hoping to care for their new found, 7 week old friend, but then found that their son was allergic to the little ball of fur as well.

As soon as he emailed me I knew we were destined to take this little girl, and indeed she has lightened our lives. Once home, she stole our hearts. We now call her little bear as she is as solid and square as a bear.

Little Bear (aka Echo) is not as brave as her nickname implies. The strangest things frighten her and with all compassion, her reactions are a delight. She was on the kitchen table (yes we allow them there, it's often the only place we can feed them where the dog won't get it) one day when I dropped something while cooking. Echo jumped straight up in the air about 2 feet, spit, flipped over and fell on her feet on the floor. Darting off, I followed to make sure she was okay. She was in the living room, looking at me with that "I meant to do that" look.