Shadow lived until she was 20. She died of old age more than her kidney problems. I miss her a lot.  She was cute, funny, active and loving.  She’s waiting for me on the other side of the bridge.

Her living with kidney disease was pretty good all things considering and much thanks to Helen who created Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease to help those with cats battling CKD.

------ older notes -------

Little spit fire Shadow came to us not much larger than a hand full. Neglected in an un-airconditioned trailer, my daughter talked the prior owner into allowing her to come live with us. Now grown, she weighs only about 5 pounds, and is a feisty little thing delighting us with her antics. She will manage to get into even the smallest box. Once folding herself into a 12 pack soda box through the small hole where we grabbed sodas. And she loves to chase her tail, seemingly wondering why that toy follows her so closely but is never quite in reach.

Her favorite activity is paper rearranging, specifically toilet paper and paper towels! She is very creative and is able to totally change the shape of a roll of toilet paper to an artfully arranged cloud of fluffy white shreds in a matter of minutes. We keep the first floor half bath door closed because it's where we keep the extra rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. And more often than not the sliding door to the storage isn't closed all the way. On more than one occasion, the door to the bathroom has been left open.. and the next user finds that they have been transported to a cloudy layer of shredded toilet rolls rather to a rest room.

Shadow is now battling the same disease that Black Cat is and also the same disease that Bugs is.  She is hyperthyroid and has chronic kidney disease.