Junior died of old age, his life was long and great despite the fact that he spent part of it mostly blind.   Despite his rather aggressive nature he was sweet in his odd little way.  We all miss him so much. 

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"I am Siamese if you please, I am Siamese..... IF YOU DON'T PLEASE - I DO NOT CARE ONE BIT"

Junior is our personal Mr. Jekyll / Dr. Hyde. He is my daughter's cat and the day she moved back home to live with me, I sat to hold Junior for a while for all was new and strange. He purred and bit my hand... I ended up on antibiotics. Junior isn't the most temperamental cat we have, that honor is Bunny Foo Foo's but he is far more unpredictable. He can cuddle and love, curling up to sleep the whole night purring and patting your face. Or he will sit innocently and wait until you attempt to walk buy to attack your foot.

Junior is the only cat we warn others about, definitely the only cat we don't let children play with.

Junior is partially blind, the result of Ketamine anesthesia, used during the cleaning of an abscess. He also died that day. Luckily for us, the vet saw immediately that Junior had stopped breathing and revived him.

His lowered vision only affects him if he's trying to get up or down off of things. Other than that, you would not know he cannot see well. And it's done nothing to improve his attitude!

Junior has to be warm.  That is he HAS to be warm.  On a 100 degree day he'll beg to go outside to sleep in the sun.  In winter, he's under the covers snuggling very close.