In August 2013,  Bugs was diagnosed with Cancer (gingival fibrosarcomas) in her mouth.  While a horrible thing to have happened, at least this type of cancer spreads kind of slowly and will not spread anywhere else.  Bugs was already 16 so any radical treatment was kind of out of the realm of possibility.  But it did give us some time to be together, for me to make sure her final weeks (she had 4) were the best she could hope for.  So I spent almost all my free time with her (I didn't totally ignore the rest of the crowd but she got the most attention).  Plus she ate what she wanted, and I do mean that.  She ate Salmon and Tilapia baked with butter.  Chicken and Turkey also baked with butter.  I'd then pureed it so she could eat it easily and she ate much better than I did.

Saying goodbye this time was one of the hardest things I've done.  But she wouldn't eat anymore and unlike Shadow who I force feed, I knew that we'd only be postponing things for Bugs.  That once eating no longer was an attraction then life had lost it's meaning.

---- Earlier -------

Bugs was given to me by a friend, who adopted her from a veterinarian.  A kind farmer brought her in when he saw that she was not getting enough to eat (that still is a curious thought as she DEMANDS food quite a lot, but maybe that is a compensation effort from a babyhood of not enough to eat).  She was so cute that the veterinarian's technician took her home, only to find out that her husband was allergic to cats.  

When she came to us she still hopped as a main form of locomotion and so we called her Bugs Bunny. Later we just dropped the Bunny (happily as I now have another Bunny!). Bugs is undoubtedly the matriarch of our family! She rules the others with an iron paw. When the group is in the kitchen waiting for dinner, Bugs often starts boxing with the other cats, or worse, grabbing a mouth full of fur and pulling it out.

She is an extremely affectionate cat, if you don't mind love bites, which we have never been able to break her of. She also nit pics... if she wants your attention (and it's not often she doesn't) and you don't immediately pick her up, she will start picking at your clothing with her claws.

She likes to hunt dirty socks and will yowl a hunting cry as she drags the socks down the stairs to lay at my feet. Despite her matriarchal status, she will occasionally be down stairs by herself, after watching me go upstairs to bed and start to cry like she's been abandoned. When I call her name, she then will give a meek meow like she is saying "Oh right, I saw you go up there, it wasn't me yowling!"

She too is getting up in years.  Although she's been spared the CKD, she does have severe arthritis in her hips.  It hurts me to watch her walk sometimes.  That said she's found it's an excellent way to get her carried everywhere.