Black Cat

On Monday October 29th, 2013 at 10:30pm Black Cat lost his battle with Chronic Kidney disease.  He died quietly in my arms.  I found a place for him under a Maple tree that I'd grown from seed and I buried him there the next day.  Some day when I have time (and it's not winter)  I'll put up a permanent fence around it with a gate (there is a temporary one there now to keep critters out).

I miss him every day.

Black Cat is the patriarch of our feline family. He's been with us for... 23 years I believe. He was owned by a woman who found that she was losing her eyesight to diabetes. She feared that she would not be able to care for him once her eyesight failed. In a way, I wish we had convinced her to keep Black Cat, not because we don't love him, but because I believe he would have been wonderful company for her and lack of sight would not have hindered in her care of him.

------ older notes -------

Black Cat had the gentlest soul.  He used to be the alpha, but no longer.  He gave that honor to Indiana Jones. And he has had his spats.  He's got ears that are notched from a few of the fights he got into when he and Junior shared the house.  Happily he no longer had anyone who fights him.


He's now getting on in years. He was diagnosed with CKD a year 1/2 ago.  He receives 100 ml of fluids every other day to help keep his kidneys functioning, we both dislike this chore but it give me time to simply cuddle and love him.  The disease has robbed him of his appetite so he gets fed by syringe now, something which he *really* does not like.  In fact he dislikes it so much that I wear a windbreaker to keep the food off of me.  He can fling it all the way across the room.  Despite that he gained the weight he had originally lost at the beginning of the year and looks good.  

Tanya's Comprehensive guide to feline chronic kidney disease has been my guide during this journey and the group has helped tremendously.

Sadly this isn't a something he'll get over and lead a long and happily life afterward.  Right now all I'm after is a happy life for what we have remaining together.  As long as he's feeling good and in no distress I'm happy.  Someday he'll cross the rainbow bridge wait for me there.