Cancer, sadly, happens as often in cats as it does in humans.  Armani too lived a long very happy life with Greg (and Jen too but really Greg and Armani were one) but cancer ended it too soon.  He didn’t suffer too much and was taken care of better than most people who have cancer.  Still goodbye came way too soon.

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We found Armani at our local Humane Society, when I saw him, I thought from his size that he was about 6 months old. Then I saw the description of him, 12 weeks.  Wow as a kitten he was as big as Shadow was, full grown. We'd gone to find a kitten for my daughter's then fiance, now husband,Greg. We couldn't have chosen better. Greg and Armani bonded at once and he has since been Greg's cat

A good part Maine Coon, Armani grew to be a huge cat, with a 13 inch tail. Elegant and beautiful and totally aloof, yet he is the house clown and acrobat. His favorite pastime is to play upside down on the cat condo and to chase laser lights.  He HAS to share the bathroom with Greg in the morning or he gets very upset.

Armani is quite expressive too. You always know what he is thinking. Recently he had to be on medication, for which I managed to have the honor of pilling him. He hated it. Soon as soon as he saw me coming he'd go hide close to Greg, lay his ears back and start swallowing even before I had managed to get the pill into him!

As you'll notice he absolutely loves ladders.  And he's quite the acrobat on them.  Getting into unusual places is second nature to him. 

Armani now has a "friend".  Tawney (Tasha's sister).  Tawney could not exist if it weren't for Armani, she adores him, follows him around and would be lost without him.  The feeling is not quite reciprocated. Armani often needs Tawney breaks.