Alpha and Beta

It's probably pretty obvious that Alpha and Beta are brother and sister.   Jennifer adopted them when they were just a few weeks old, and only weighed a tad over 1 lb each.  Now they are moving up to over 10 lbs.  Little ones nope no longer.  Cute fun ones yes for always.  Unique ones doesn't quite cover it. 

Alpha has some odd behaviors.  One of which is how he likes to dig into hair when he's being held.  Especially if it smells good to him.  Then you can hold him in odd ways (check pictures). He also talks a lot! 

Beta likes to run to Mom (my daughter) and bang into her.  Yeah you read that right she bangs into Jen.  Go figure. 

And play together!  Oh yeah every waking minute.

Happier furry kids I've rarely seen (well except for Myka, my forever kitten).  Alpha and Beta are always happy and always busy, except when they have to take a nap so they can get back to playing.