If you are reading this you are aware of the name of this site.  I Am That Strange.  The handle/alias/nickname/soubriquet was created when, while struggling to think of a username that wasn't already taken for a forum, a co-worker noted "Yeah you are that strange".  The light bulb flared.

Talk about unique.

However while we are talking it's interesting to note that if you have an unusual username.  You'll get followers right and left.  I had a twitter account.  I never used it.  While I share some of my musings here.  I have absolutely no desire to spend 80% of my time sharing those musings with everyone and no one.  I've got better things to do.

"Get a life" scampers across my brain when I hear of people shoveling out hundreds of tweets a day.

I never tweeted.  I had an account once so that in my work-a-day world I could help my clients with their accounts, especially tying them to other sites.  Fine good, no longer needed yeah!

People started following me.  But I never tweeted.  The only thing I can think of it it's the name.  They must think that they would get some revolutionary mind expanding cryptic thought provoking tweets out of me.

Trust me I'm tempted, I am so tempted.  "The red balloon twists in the night winds".  "Shirley dances to the tune of a cricket chorus drowning in the rain".

Make any sense?  Don't worry they weren't supposed to.

However I have a life to live, my fingers want to do creative things that do not include typing the fact that have a headache.

Live life but don't try and mimic it in 140 character bursts.